Moving in with my boyfriend

I was a bit hesitant to post about this, considering that this goes against all of the conservative principles I was brought up on. But this is a different world, and I believe my story is still beautiful (despite what many may think).

Here are some reasons why I moved in with my boyfriend David:

  • because I love him, of course
  • because we actually have plans to get married (we aren’t just playing around)
  • because cost of living has never been higher
  • because our total debt combined is ridiculous and we want all of it to be gone
  • because I want to get to know him more before we make the big commitment
  • because it’s easier

If you haven’t already watched it, check out my moving vlog below! It’s a pretty funny one! A LOT transpired on this day, but overall, it was a successful move. And we are currently adoring our new space! I’m curious—what are your thoughts about moving in with a boyfriend? Leave your comments below.

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