Workin’ Wednesday series and other announcements

Hey, guys! I know, I know. It’s been forever since I posted anything on here. Sorry about that! October was a super busy month for me, and it passed by so fast! But it’s November now, so you know what that means. New month, new posts! Speaking of new posts, it’s about that time of […]

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5 reasons why your blog/website is not growing

Currently, I’m in the process of building my own brand, which includes this blog site. Just saying I have my own blog makes me feel proud. I imagine it does for others, too. But at one point, I hit a wall. Despite my consistency, my blog was not growing the way I wanted it to. People were […]

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15 words and phrases you never knew you had wrong

sad Statue of Liberty

Hello! So let me start by saying I had a lot of fun writing this post. After looking up all the terms below, I realized how silly I probably looked to all my former colleagues and classmates. It really gave me a great laugh! How many of these words and phrases have you confused recently? Personally, […]

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The rules of business writing

Ya know, it’s a shame that college students aren’t required to take a business writing class as part of their core education. Business writing is useful in all career fields. It teaches you to be a better writer, in addition to a better communicator, in general. I feel as though some of us may need a […]

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4 ways blogging has advanced my career


Lots of my friends ask me why I blog, and in short, I simply love to do it. The thought of sharing my expertise/experiences with others and helping them avoid some of the headaches I suffered is very rewarding to me. I mean, if you’re going to put out content for complete strangers on a […]

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How to sharpen your PR skills outside of work

The hardest part about public relations is that you have to be good at a bunch of things all at the same time. And our supervisors expect nothing less. Some of us only got our jobs because we had one strong skill and the rest of our skills were just…eh. And hey, don’t be ashamed! That’s […]

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