Using your Paid Time Off

I’ve noticed that a lot of young professionals rarely use their Paid Time Off (or PTO) that’s owed to them. Well, that’s not good. PTO is a rising trend when it comes to work leave policy. When our parents were coming up in the workforce, more than likely, they had a collection of specific leave […]

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Feeling blue collar at a white-collar job

picture of a dark office

A note to those who need it: Just stopping in to remind you that are doing a great job and keep up the great work! I realize that working a full-time job can sometimes get…monotonous. And very underrated. If you’re like me, you’ve probably been putting in a lot of extra hours lately. You’ve probably […]

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What you should know about your adult colleagues

It’s common to think that just because someone is older than you, then that makes them more mature or knowledgeable than you. As if, they have all the answers. WRONG. The No. 1 thing you should know about your adult colleagues at work is that they are still learning…just as you are. So no, they […]

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