What’s it like for women in the workplace?

picture of a woman juggling a baby and a briefcase on a tightrope

Starting off with a powerful quote: “Women have learned that if we aren’t on the table, then we’re on the menu.” – Cecile Richards If you’re a woman in the workplace and you’re reading this right now, ask yourself how many times you’ve gone through the following situations: getting called bossy or b*tchy for doing […]

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How to get professionals to remember your name

picture of my name badge

Disclaimer: For the sake of my job and client privacy, I will refrain from using this client’s name or identifying them in any way. Any details I provide have been generalized or altered completely, but the plot of the story is 100% true. THE STORY: At my job, we work on various projects that require […]

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Women: Why Appearance Matters and What to Do About It

image of professional fashion

OK, ladies. We all know that clothes and hair are important, right? Specifically speaking of the public relations field, we are constantly interacting with colleagues, clients, reporters, donors, celebrities and many more that come our way. In short, we must a) look good and b) have good hygiene. According to PR Consultant Elissa Freeman, your […]

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