How to measure success

Success, just ahead.

Success means many things to many different people. Some believe that success is based on your wealth, prestige and material possessions. Others believe that money and power mean nothing when it comes to success. And because of that, it’s difficult to create one formula for success that will meet everyone’s needs. Truth is, success can be […]

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15 words and phrases you never knew you had wrong

sad Statue of Liberty

Hello! So let me start by saying I had a lot of fun writing this post. After looking up all the terms below, I realized how silly I probably looked to all my former colleagues and classmates. It really gave me a great laugh! How many of these words and phrases have you confused recently? Personally, […]

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Why PR has a bad reputation

I can’t help but notice that people really don’t like public relations professionals. And it sucks because all we try to do is ensure that everyone is happy. Don’t get me wrong — I’m sure there are a few (maybe more than a few) bad eggs out there who soil the PR name. But the […]

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The rules of business writing

Ya know, it’s a shame that college students aren’t required to take a business writing class as part of their core education. Business writing is useful in all career fields. It teaches you to be a better writer, in addition to a better communicator, in general. I feel as though some of us may need a […]

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