Finding your passion

picture of passion

Hi, guys! Quick life update: So as you may have noticed, I took a slight hiatus for the last month. I’ve mostly been traveling and working (at my full-time job), and more recently, I’ve been feeling a bit sick. But once again, I’m back and ready to roll! Another note: While I was on my […]

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What Millennials want in a new job


Ya know, I read a really good article on, called The truth about Millennials in the workplace. And it got me thinking: despite how hard I work and how humble I am, I’m still burdened with the “selfish, greedy, entitled, good-for-nothing” stereotype. And frankly, it’s starting to get a little annoying. So I decided […]

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Top 5 scariest things you’re struggling with if you’re under 25

BOO! Just kidding. In the spirit of Halloween this year, I’ve decided to write a post that’s a bit scarier than usual, without totally deviating too far from my normal blog theme. Forget about ghosts and ghouls. Instead, I’ll be discussing some deeper issues that my fellow peers are battling right now and how to help […]

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