What you should know about your adult colleagues

It’s common to think that just because someone is older than you, then that makes them more mature or knowledgeable than you. As if, they have all the answers. WRONG. The No. 1 thing you should know about your adult colleagues at work is that they are still learning…just as you are. So no, they […]

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8 things to do when leaving a job

picture of letter of resignation

It’s easy to just leave a job and never associate yourself with it again. You’ve already given this company years of your time, and you don’t need them lingering in your life any longer. However, would if I told you that your last impression is just as important as your first impression? I read a […]

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Asking questions at work

I find that a lot of my peers have issues asking others for help, especially at work. There are numerous reasons why they could be feeling this way: fear of seeming inadequate fear of depending on someone introversion pride/arrogance complacency But I’m letting you all know today that it’s OK to ask for help! Give […]

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Quote: Summertime!

summer photo

“Turn your face towards the sun, and the shadows will fall behind you.”

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How to get professionals to remember your name

picture of my name badge

Disclaimer: For the sake of my job and client privacy, I will refrain from using this client’s name or identifying them in any way. Any details I provide have been generalized or altered completely, but the plot of the story is 100% true. THE STORY: At my job, we work on various projects that require […]

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Build your professional confidence

Regarding your career, it’s easy to let yourself fall into the cracks. In fact, complacency can be the biggest killer of motivation. Think about it, you work at an organization where your job is just a piece of what keeps the company going every day. And sometimes, you may think, “What value do I really […]

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Q&A: Exposing myths about life after college

When I was a bit younger, I had a lot of preconceived ideas about what life would be like once I graduated college. Some of them came out to be true, but most of them didn’t. Below is a list of the top ten questions I get about post-college life. Feel free to ask me […]

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