Workin’ Wednesday (Part 4): How important is your brand to you?

(To see Part 3, click here.) Welcome back! We have finally made it to Part 4 of my series, and there are still a few things to consider when it comes to maintaining your brand. In Part 3, we discussed different category types, which social media channels would be best for promoting your content and [...]

How to measure success

How to measure success

Success means many things to many different people. Some believe that success is based on your wealth, prestige and material possessions. Others believe that money and power mean nothing when it comes to success. And because of that, it's difficult to create one formula for success that will meet everyone's needs. Truth is, success can be [...]

Top 5 scariest things you’re struggling with if you’re under 25

BOO! Just kidding. In the spirit of Halloween this year, I've decided to write a post that's a bit scarier than usual, without totally deviating too far from my normal blog theme. Forget about ghosts and ghouls. Instead, I'll be discussing some deeper issues that my fellow peers are battling right now and how to help [...]