Youngfully Employed is changing

Normally I’d start off this type of post with something like, “Hey, guys! It’s been a while! What’s up?” or “Long time, no talk! Glad to be back!” But after spending so much time learning who I am, and especially after the year we’ve all had, it doesn’t seem fitting to start that way. Let’s […]

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Why your mental health should always come before your career

tiles spell out don't worry just live

I think it goes without saying that your mental health is an important factor in living a happy, successful life. And yet, one in five adults experience mental illness each year in this country. According to the  U.S. National Comorbidity Survey, about 18% of those who are employed experienced mental health problems in the last […]

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Life hasn’t been easy, but it’s been bearable.

protest for human rights

How are you all doing? I mean, how are you really doing? There are honestly no words to describe the year 2020. Surprising, depressing, invigorating, infuriating, disappointing, life-changing…a complete shit-show? It’s been a while since I’ve written a post on this blog, and I couldn’t return without addressing the multiple elephants in the room. How […]

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Screw your work ethic. Can you sit in one spot for eight hours?

I am learning, slowly but surely, that being a “great” employee has little to do with your talent, emotional intelligence or leadership skills. It has more to do with how often and how long you’re in the office. What I’ve been told is that the number of hours you’re present in the office equates to […]

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How perfectionism + fear has been affecting me

coffee mug that says "good enough"

Have you ever felt like you weren’t good enough at work? Like you do everything as close to perfect as you can and  you still get in trouble for menial things? I’ve REALLY been feeling like that lately. It kind of reminds me of high school. I recall one time making all As and one […]

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What 2018 taught me about life

image of 2018 fireworks

Guys, I’m back! And man, have I missed you all. I don’t even know where to start, but just know that I have a perfectly good excuse for going MIA on you guys for five months. No, I don’t. Let’s just say 2018 was jam-packed with lots of new transitions in my life and by […]

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5 small items that are important for work

What does your typical workday look like? Mine isn’t very typical at all. Sometimes, I’m at my desk all day completing assignments, going through emails and following up on projects. Other days, I’m driving to and from events or printing out fliers. I’ve even spent full workdays in several meetings. While each day can be […]

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