15 words and phrases you never knew you had wrong

sad Statue of Liberty

Hello! So let me start by saying I had a lot of fun writing this post. After looking up all the terms below, I realized how silly I probably looked to all my former colleagues and classmates. It really gave me a great laugh! How many of these words and phrases have you confused recently? Personally, […]

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4 ways blogging has advanced my career


Lots of my friends ask me why I blog, and in short, I simply love to do it. The thought of sharing my expertise/experiences with others and helping them avoid some of the headaches I suffered is very rewarding to me. I mean, if you’re going to put out content for complete strangers on a […]

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2015 in review

Hello, guys! As we move into 2016, I’d like to reflect on what a great year 2015 was. Last year, I really branched out and explored my writing skills. I’ve made some awesome connections and gained some amazing followers. Thank you all for your interest and support! Below is my 2015 annual report for this […]

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Top 5 scariest things you’re struggling with if you’re under 25

BOO! Just kidding. In the spirit of Halloween this year, I’ve decided to write a post that’s a bit scarier than usual, without totally deviating too far from my normal blog theme. Forget about ghosts and ghouls. Instead, I’ll be discussing some deeper issues that my fellow peers are battling right now and how to help […]

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