4 Bittersweet Reasons Why PR Professionals Create Their Own Stress

As an aspiring public relations professional, I know it's important that we have certain skills to be successful in our career field. From multitasking to crisis management, PR professionals have to be ready for anything. But are these qualities rolling over into your personal life? Are your anxieties taking a toll on your health? Maybe [...]

PR Ethics

All the information below comes from the Public Relations Society of America website. For those who don’t know, PRSA is a nonprofit organization for public relations professionals. Founded in 1947, its main purpose has been to establish a set a standard of excellence and maintain a system of ethics in the public relations profession. The [...]

PR Who?

Ask journalism students what public relations is, and there’s a good chance they can’t explain it. Even I have a hard time getting my words together. I am, however, super AWESOME at drawing up a well-detailed report for other people to read. What can I say? It’s the PR in me! According to the Public [...]

I like being random.

Ya know, I never thought I would start one of these so-called blogs. However, since I'm here, I might as well share a bit about myself: I have a recent addiction to chocolate milkshakes. I own one cat, named Lizzie. I look like a model, but eat like a sumo wrestler. I enjoy Cosmopolitan and [...]