Why Millennials are lazy (among other things)

As Millennials in 2017, it is difficult to find our place in the world. On the one hand, there are people telling us to be all that we can be. However, on the other hand, there are people labeling us as selfish, entitled, and lazy. So which is it? Are we ambitious go-getters, or are we self-centered job hoppers?

Truthfully, the answer is somewhere in-between.

This does not mean that we cannot still do what we do best – expanding on our innovative ideas. It is about time that we start to embrace the labels that are put on us and redefine what it means to be a Millennial.

We are selfish.
Yes, we are selfish. We are selfish about our careers. We are selfish with our families. We are selfish with our passion. We are selfish with our goals.

We are entitled.
Yes, we are entitled – entitled to a life of hard work. We are entitled to the job of our dreams. We are entitled to a decent salary, and we are entitled to our own ideas and opinions.

We are lazy.
We are lazy when we are in a place of inactivity. We are lazy when we aren’t motivated. We are lazy when our team is against us, and we are lazy when we do not see hope.

We are whiners.
We whine about our future because we care. We whine about our current state of conditions because we want better. We whine about unfair treatment because all people were created equal. Therefore, yes we are whiners.

We are disloyal.
We are disloyal. We are disloyal to those who are disloyal to us. We are disloyal to those who belittle us. We are disloyal to people who do not have our best interests at heart. We are disloyal to anything that is holding us back from reaching success.

Millennials are game-changers. We are leaders. We are technologically-advanced. We are innovators. We are rule-breakers. We are nomadic, risk-taking, business-minded entrepreneurs. We are a lot of things, but one thing we are not — is stagnant.

What are your thoughts about Millennials? Do you agree with these points? Leave your comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Why Millennials are lazy (among other things)

    1. No problem! And thank you for your input! I am also curious to see how our generation will perform once the Baby Boomers and Gen X retire from the workforce. Until then, I can only hope that we will continue to collaborate and build on each other for a more prosperous future! 🙂

  1. An interesting constellation of qualities. These are qualities that no generation for you has ever possessed. That said, every generation before you has been able to boast the same qualities in as far as we are uniquely different from generations before us. It will be interesting to see how you deal with the power will soon fold your hands. Power corrupts but also co-ops. As you inherit the powered run this world, many of you will be co-opted by the establishment. It is inevitable. I hope I live to see your generations’ unique solution to those challenges. My challenge is, as an older author of fiction, how can I hope to get the millennial generation to read longer pros, novels, novellas and short stories greater than 255 characters in length? I write in the genres of medical fiction, science fiction, paranormal fantasy and historical fiction.

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