What 2018 taught me about life

Guys, I’m back! And man, have I missed you all. I don’t even know where to start, but just know that I have a perfectly good excuse for going MIA on you guys for five months.

No, I don’t.

Let’s just say 2018 was jam-packed with lots of new transitions in my life and by the time I was able to stick my head out from under it all, New Year’s Day was approaching! I recently started a new job, making the move from nonprofit to corporate B2B. I’ve been in corporate before at previous internships, but obviously, I’ve never been in this type of capacity. My new job title is Marketing Coordinator, and I love it here! The exposure and knowledge I’ve picked up in just two months is unmatched. I’m feeling pretty good!

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When I moved back to corporate, I noticed that a lot of the company’s processes and collateral are outsourced (i.e. another agency or third party handles these), and as a result, I’ve opened up a lot of my time during the day. And now we’re here!

I LOVE writing. And I love helping people even more. So that’s why I’m here on this blog. I want to provide my audience with a resource—a FREE resource where they can come and learn about the latest career trends, corporate politics, job advice and anything else that falls under my umbrella. There’s not much more that would make me happier right now!

Back to the point of this post: what 2018 taught me. *sigh* A LOT. And the funny thing is, I didn’t even know that I was learning these lessons until I looked back at the beginning of this month! These lessons may seem random, but they’re all connected to a greater purpose. And hopefully, this can help someone else out there who may be feeling “blah” about 2018 like I was.

Lesson #1: Depression is real.

My biggest struggle of 2018. And yet, my biggest achievement, as well. I can honestly say I overcame one of the darkest times of my life, and it feels good! I won’t get into the details, but just know that happiness is not a destination, but a way of life.

Lesson #2: How you respond to life’s challenges is what matters most.

During that dark time, it was SO easy to let negativity consume me. The hardest part was fighting those thoughts and letting positivity take over. Once you’ve gotten a grasp on that, the only way is up.

Lesson #3: Your career is YOURS.

And yours only. No matter how big of a career slump you think you’re in, you can always get out. Don’t give up.

Lesson #4: You’re not too young for anything.

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I was so tired of people making me feel like a child. Yes, I’m young. Yes, I still have a lot to learn. But I’m not not stupid, and I’ve even been told I’m wise beyond my years. Whatever you set your mind to, go get it. Just because you’re young, that doesn’t mean you deserve happiness any less than anyone else does.

Lesson #5: Put your health first at all times.

Money will come and go, but your health will just go if you don’t take care of it. I had to learn this the hard way. One of my resolutions for 2019 is to address all of the health concerns I had in 2018. Concerns with my physical health, mental health, spiritual health, etc. You should try it to. Think about it. You can’t help anyone else if you can’t help yourself first.

Lesson #6: Don’t wait for everything to be perfect (because it won’t ever be).

Ahhh, something I still struggle with today. I’ve been told I have anxiety. And OCD. And problems with perfectionism. And the list goes on. This means that supposedly, I like to control as much of my life as possible before anything happens. But I refuse to let these issues control my life, and sometimes going with the flow is a lot more fun! Be spontaneous and do the things you love while you have the chance. You don’t want to look back wondering “what if?“.

Lesson #7: You have a purpose.

It’s a wonderful thing to discover your purpose. Everyone has one! And once you determine what it is, don’t stop until you get it. (And then keep going!)


Lesson #8: Take a break.

Another hard lesson learned. I went more than year without going on vacation! (In my defense, I planned to take a vacation during the holidays, but then I got this new job.) All I’m saying is, “burned out” is an understatement for me right now. I have an upcoming trip to Denver, and I’m super excited! Relaxation does wonders for the human body. It’s about time you whine/”wine” down and rest your brain!


I’m so glad to be back, guys. Let’s keep learning and growing together.

Happy New Year!

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