How to take a break

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Posted by WhosGreenOnline GreenDirectory.

I’m not sure if I’m the only one, but do you ever have difficulty while taking time to yourself? And I don’t mean lying around while stressing over all of the projects you have to do when you get back to work. I mean truly taking a break from life.

This weekend, my relative is coming to visit me. While it is easy to get excited for her arrival, I find myself struggling, obsessing over what projects I could finish rather than spending time with her. And she knows. She knows that I’m not really paying attention to the movie, and I’m not really enjoying myself at the party. So this weekend, I’m going to apply some rules for myself. Starting now.

  1. Put away anything that reminds me of work.
  2. Focus on things that make me happy.
  3. Savor the moment.
  4. Change my scenery.
  5. Laugh. A lot.

Work is predominant in our lives and a hard worker goes a long way. But don’t forget that you always come first. According to Labor Lawyer Thomas Geoghegan, studies show that European workers get roughly 30 days of vacation time as part of their benefits and they take every single day off. Americans who work full time receive 12 vacation days and on average, use a portion of those days for the year. Despite these facts, Europeans have still proven to be more efficient and productive in the workplace.

Something to think about.

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