Top 5 stores I shop at for work pants

Work pants from Target

Work pants are essential to any professional’s wardrobe. I feel like you can find a nice blouse anywhere for an affordable price. But it takes much more effort to find the right work pants for you—ones that will fit you properly without costing an arm and a leg to purchase.

Due to a recent decluttering session I had before I moved into my new apartment, I currently have three pairs of good work pants. I’m on the hunt for some more though! And while I’m doing my window shopping, I figured I’d share my top fave spots with you!

5. Target

Target is totally my jam! They have a great selection for the most affordable prices. Not to mention, they’re everywhere, so it’s much easier to snag some solid pants on a quick deadline.

Pros: affordable, ubiquitous locations, comfortable
Cons: don’t always fit true to size, limited selection

4. Windsor Store

I first came across Windsor’s workwear collection through Instagram. And that’s honestly the best part about a lot of new online stores: they include handpicked selections for work now! I love how fun Windsor’s style is, and I’d definitely come here for pants that will show a bit more of my personality. Another perk is that its search feature is much more specific, which makes it a great place for seasonal shopping.

Pros: affordable, shows personality, more color options
Cons: limited selection/styles, may be too “loud”/fashion-forward for a company environment (choose wisely)

3. Lulu’s

Back at it again with Lulu’s workwear collection! This is honestly my go-to for office clothing. It’s the perfect balance between cute, reasonably priced and business casual! This website also has a pretty good search feature if you’re looking for a specific style. I love setting up wish lists on here and preparing work outfits with my account. You can only imagine how many items I have saved already.

Pros: multiple styles to choose from, best for young shoppers, mid-priced, frequent sales (with an account)
Cons: may be seen as “too young” if you’re looking for a more mature style

2. Zara

I LOVE Zara! I shop at Zara when I’m wanting to feel unique and tailored. Zara has a rep for being an expensive store, but I say you just haven’t dug deep enough! There are some straight gems here, especially for bottoms!

Pros: affordable, unique, large selection/styles
Cons: large selection/too many choices to pick from, may be too “unique” for the work environment (choose wisely)

1. Express

The queen/king of work clothing! I don’t care, I don’t care—this is hands down the BEST place to shop for work pants. Especially if you’re tall or have long legs. I’ve had so many issues finding pants that fit my length with/without heels on, but Express is the perfect fix. Not to mention, there are pant styles that fit every body type. Express, by far, has the widest selection of styles, colors, lengths and fabrics. I guarantee you’ll find something hand-picked for you from this store!

Pros: widest selection of styles, high-quality items, great for both young and mature shoppers, frequent sales
Cons: higher prices

Which store do you prefer for work pants? Are any of your faves NOT on this list? Let’s discuss this more in the comments because I’m always looking for new places to shop!

Work pants from Express

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