I know appearance matters, and I still don’t care. Here’s why.

Quick side note: It’s so nice to get back to what I originally started this blog for—speaking my truth through creative writing. Today, I’ll be writing about why appearance has never been a big deal to me.

Let me start by saying that dressing like a slob everyday isn’t OK either. But going out of my way to impress people who don’t have my bills, don’t have my struggles and don’t have my sense of style—yeah, not gonna happen.

At my old job, I was told that I still dress like a college kid. I can concur. My most common casual outfit consists of a graphic tee, distressed jeans and Converse shoes. But I wasn’t told this as a random observation that someone wanted to share with me. I was told this with the intention of making me feel ashamed, as if I would get super offended and want to “make a change.”


In fact, I thanked her for noticing and kept it moving. Look, I understand that your appearance has an enormous impact on a lot of things: whether you get noticed at an event or not, whether you get a promotion at your job or not, whether you get in free at the club or not…the list goes on. But I choose not to let others’ opinions of what I wear on my body affect my everyday life. Here’s why.

They don’t pay my bills.

First of all, if I could afford nicer clothes, I’d have them. But when you’ve been paying bills since 16 years old, and you’ve acquired as much debt as I have, then you have a much bigger appreciation for the smaller things in life. My main focus is get to my money right and continue following my budget plan (coming in an upcoming blog post). I don’t listen to people’s thoughts about my clothes if they can’t pay my rent haha.

They don’t know my story.

Like I always say, you never know what a person is going through. I came to the conclusion last year that I wear my emotions on my sleeve–literally. For the most part, how I’m dressed is a direct result of how I’m feeling that day. If I’m stressed or sick, there’s a 90% chance you’ll catch me in pants, tennis shoes and a V-neck cotton tee from Target. And I’m OK with that. As long as I’m smelling good, my hair is pulled back and my clothes aren’t super wrinkled, then what is the problem?

I’m not trying to be noticed right now.

Trust me, when I want to be noticed, I’ll get noticed. And that’s not even me bragging or anything. If I want to “do it up” one day, then I’ll make that decision. No one else will make it for me. In the meantime, I’m perfectly fine with being the background. It’s a lot easier, anyway.

Everyone has his/her own style.

What I think is cute may be complete garbage to someone else. And vice versa! This is why you can’t let other people, trends or society control your life. The world will keep on spinning, and you’re going to get extremely dizzy trying to stay at the forefront of it all. Chill. Your style is your style. Werk it!

Fun fact: I typed this entire blog post in one sitting! That’s because this is a topic that’s been on my mind for a while now, and I’ve been anxious to share it with you all. What are your thoughts about keeping up your appearance everyday? Do you agree or disagree with my points? Let’s have a discussion in the comments!

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