Workin’ Wednesday (Part 1): What does your brand look like to you?

Hello, all! We have officially made it to my 2016 Workin’ Wednesday series! For those who are new here: Last year, I started this Workin' Wednesday series, where I discussed how to get a job, how to nail the interviews, how to maximize your resume and more. This November, I’ll be sharing my knowledge about the basics [...]

Workin’ Wednesday (Part 4): The final stretch.

(To see Part 3, click here.) Fix your resume and cover letter? Check. Ace the phone interview? Check. Pass the in-person interview? Check. So what's next? What's next is you have to take control over your own life. What you make happen for yourself, others can make happen for you. Remember the LinkedIn stalking that [...]

Workin’ Wednesday (Part 3): You got the job! Almost.

(To see Part 2, click here.) Congratulations! You're halfway there! We've discussed resumes/cover letters, reputation management, phone interviews and a few ways to portray yourself as the optimum candidate. Today, we are going to dig a little deeper. Once you're done reading this post, you'll know all about: How to prepare for an in-person interview What [...]

Workin’ Wednesday (Part 1): Do you want the job or not?

Hello, all! We have officially made it to my Workin' Wednesday series! Woo! Are you excited? For those who are new here: This October, I'll be sharing all of my secrets on how to ace the interview process (not just the interview, but the ENTIRE process). There will be four parts, each of which will be posted on every [...]