Workin’ Wednesday (Part 4): The final stretch.

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Fix your resume and cover letter? Check.
Ace the phone interview? Check.
Pass the in-person interview? Check.

So what’s next?

What’s next is you have to take control over your own life. What you make happen for yourself, others can make happen for you.

Remember the LinkedIn stalking that we discussed in Part 1? Where you view some people just to get noticed? Well yeah, do some more of that. No, but seriously. Every few days, spend some time finding people in your department to-be (or you can even find people in a department that’s closely related to yours). The more your face pops up, the better chances you have. Someone in the office may start up a conversation about the vacant business analyst position, and someone might remember your profile from LinkedIn: John Doe, “the professional seeking to expand his skills in business research.”

To add to that, go ahead and connect with some of the employees that you met or interviewed with. Follow some of them on social media. Start following the company’s channels, as well. This will exhibit both dedication and determination. Show your future department that you are already prepared to work, and you will stop at nothing to help build the company. This type of determination will always lead to positive results.

On the topic of social media, please watch what you’re posting while you’re on a job hunt (or any time, for that matter. But especially while you’re on a job hunt.). Make sure all your posts are positive, informational and PG-13 appropriate. Retweet some of the company’s articles if you’d like. Don’t turn into an article-posting robot; have fun on your social media sites. But keep the World Star hip hop videos and Cosmopolitan’s “26 new sex moves to please your man” types of things AWAY from your sites. People are always watching you, so be careful.

Keep applying to jobs. No matter how successful you think you are with one job opportunity, never put all of your eggs in one basket. There are still numerous jobs out there with your name on it. Even when you’re going through an intense interview process, don’t just give up. Keep your head high and continue putting out those applications. Something better may be out there for you. And if things don’t work out with this job, you’ll always have more options.

you're awesomeMost importantly, always remember who you are. When you are searching for a job, you are taught to yield to the employer and exceed the company’s expectations. But remember, even though this company is interviewing you, you should, in return, interview the company. Make sure that this job is the right fit for you. Don’t accept something that is beneath your expertise. Accept what you deserve.

Well, that’s it folks. Both this series and the month of October are coming to a close. Use the tips I’ve given you to get out there and land your dream job! I only hope that you all enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. 🙂

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Ya know, I’ve been thinking about how I wanted to end this series. And I decided that I want this to have a humorous ending. So please see below for a list of funny, but true situations you have to deal with while looking for a job. Enjoy!

Funny, but true.

  • when the interviewer asks why you want to work at this job (um, because you’re hiring?)
  • when you upload a resume to a job application online, and the next page asks for detailed work history
  • when your interviewer asks you to bring your resume with you to the office, and you just emailed your resume through the confirmation email
  • when the interviewer asks what your biggest weakness is (uh, I work too hard?)
  • when you have to use the restroom mid-interview (which is why you always go before)
  • when you have an awkward misspelling on your resume (my favorite: “pubic” relations instead of “public” relations)
  • when your stomach growls during the interview
  • when you get up early on interview day, and you’re still rushing out the door
  • when your 50 Cent ringtone goes off during the interview (put your phone on silent before you walk in, please)
  • when the interviewer arrives late to your interview

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