Workin’ Wednesday (Part 4): How important is your brand to you?

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Welcome back! We have finally made it to Part 4 of my series, and there are still a few things to consider when it comes to maintaining your brand. In Part 3, we discussed different category types, which social media channels would be best for promoting your content and how to handle feedback. So now it’s time to evaluate your brand for what it is. This is Part 4: How important is your brand to you?

Now that you’ve made a plan, created some content and promoted that content, what’s next? Let’s start by determining how well your content is doing so far.

Evaluating your content
What are people saying about your brand? And is it good or bad? Are there any changes you have to make to your content schedule? Has your audience told you what it is they’re looking for? How does your content make people feel? Use this feedback to determine the current state of your business.

There are also ways to measure the success of your content by monitoring your analytics (or data) through your social media channels. With this, you can view important information, such as how many people clicked on your posts, how many people shared your posts and how many followers you get per day. Click here to read more about social media analytics.

Taking your brand to the next level
There’s a reason why I’ve been using the terms “brand” and “business” interchangeably throughout this series. This is because you have to consider the possibility of expanding your brand to something much bigger. There are many reasons why your brand may not grow, so you have to get in front of these issues and fix them before your audience finds them.

Making money with your brand
There are a few ways your brand/business can earn you money, including sponsorships, collaborations, special events and more. Each of these has its own pros and cons, so you’re going to have to decide which is best for you. But of course, the more you can leverage these financial opportunities, the better. Just make sure whatever you do is relevant to your brand and helpful for your audience. To read more about ways to profit from your brand, watch Entrepreneur and Blogger Chris Ducker here.

Sustaining your brand
Most importantly, you have to make sure you’re staying true to who you are. Don’t be one of those entrepreneurs that gets lost in all of the noise. Increase your value over time and make sure your voice remains authentic. Your audience will lose interest quickly if you start to sound like everyone else.

Continue to listen in on industry conversations. Never lose that passion for learning more about the world around you. This knowledge will help you grow as you proceed to build upon your brand.

How important is your brand to you?
If this is something that you truly want, then you’re going to have to fight for it. Your mindset, your motivation, your efforts…they all have to be aligned if you want to keep offering good content for your audience. The bigger your passion, the more your brand will grow. Is it worth it to you?

Well that’s it, folks! I hope that you all enjoyed reading this series as much as I enjoyed writing it. As I stated in Part 1, this series was only meant to give you a basic understanding of what it means to plan, implement and evaluate your brand. You can use this series as a starting point, but there is much more work to be done.

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I’ve thought a lot about how I wanted to end this series. And I decided to share the video below. ENGINEERED TRUTH, a YouTuber known for his engineering and life advice videos, shares his 9 tips for starting a business. This video is full of research, great information and interesting facts. Hope you all enjoy!

*Disclaimer: This video contains some vulgar language. Viewer discretion is advised.


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