What the end of summer means for PR professionals

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Well, it’s the end of the summer now. And while everyone else is sad about leaving the beach and returning to school, we, PR professionals, are a bit happier than most. Summer for us meant events, events and more events. New product launches, multiple marketing campaigns, press releases and for some of us, company mergers. But now that the fall season is around the corner, we can finally kick our feet up and sip some tea. Well, kinda.

There are usually two types of companies: those who slow down in the fall months (i.e. large corporations, etc.) and those who host an event for every holiday of the year (i.e. nonprofit companies, etc.). For those who slow down in the fall season, your next big event is probably not until the New Year or some time in the spring. This means that you’ll spend more time than anything else planning and organizing your events. However, your main priority during this time will be building your company’s reputation. By that, I mean daily maintenance both online and in print. Remember to keep your company or client at the front of all your conversations. While you may not be hosting as many big activities, this is still crunch time for you. Lots of writing, editing, re-posting, partnering with organizations and more. Never lose sight of your fundamental duty as a PR professional: enhancing your company’s brand.

For those who are going to have a very busy fall season, try to maintain your momentum. In my opinion, planning for large events is easier than daily reputation management. When you get to that point where everyone in your department wants something from you, just remember YOU GOT THIS. Keep prioritizing and making your deadlines. Click here to read my last blog post on staying calm in stressful situations.

Whether the end of the summer will be slow or fast-paced for you, there’s one thing that will never change: how important your job is and how much your company needs you. Your work is very appreciated, and your efforts will be noticed. Just hang in there, champ.

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