What really makes you a great professional?

It’s easy to say that mastering your craft will make you a better professional. Or expanding your skills will get you the job you want. And spending numerous hours studying your industry will make you the ideal candidate. While all those things are true, they are not ALL that makes you the seasoned professional you want to be. Sometimes, you have to dig deeper to find the things that are great about you as an individual, so that you can integrate those qualities into your work life. Below are some qualities that can make you a dynamite professional.

The idea of doing something good, even when no one knows or no one is watching. Integrity helps you see all points of view, and it helps you see the best in people. With that mindset, you can bring your team together and maximize everyone’s strengths to accomplish company goals.

As long as you remain curious about everything around you, you’ll always be learning something. The constant need to know more will help bring you further up the ranks in the professional world.

Ambition is the catalyst for your success. Ambition will always keep you on your toes, and with this, you’ll always have something to reach for…a reason to never stop chasing your dreams.

Passion is like ambition, only with an added bonus: emotion. Whether we like it or not, emotion is at the heart of many professional decisions. And it’s that same enthusiasm that can help you change the world.

Compassion (different from passion) just means having general warmth and respect for others. No matter what type of business you’re in, as a professional, your daily goal is to supply a service to someone. Having compassion for people keeps you humble, and it’s a great reminder of why you do the work that you do.

What traits do you see in yourself that may not be in the list above? How have these traits helped you develop your career? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Hello! My name is Tammie and formally, I’m a graduate from the University of North Texas with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations, a minor in Spanish and a certificate in technical writing. Informally, I’m an energetic 29-year-old who enjoys to write, give professional advice and explore my creative side.

2 thoughts on “What really makes you a great professional?

  1. Hi there- these are all great points. I’ve definitely seen the effects of my curiosity in my own career and how it’s made me hungry to become an expert in my field (not that I’m there yet!).

    Similar to your point on integrity, another takeaway I’ve observed is the importance of accountability. Taking responsibility for your actions and your work helps both your professionalism and your reputation in the office. It also means you have the grace to admit when you’ve made a mistake and can quickly fix the issue!


    1. Dee, you made a great point, as well! I agree that accountability is a major part of becoming a better professional. No one likes employees who can never admit when they’re wrong or need help. Thank you so much for your input!

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