What Millennials want in a new job

Gen Y – born 1980 to 2000.

Ya know, I read a really good article on Ragan.com, called The truth about Millennials in the workplace. And it got me thinking: despite how hard I work and how humble I am, I’m still burdened with the “selfish, greedy, entitled, good-for-nothing” stereotype. And frankly, it’s starting to get a little annoying.

So I decided to take the time to explain what we, Millennials, expect in a new job. (Short answer: not much.) We aren’t here to tell you how to do your jobs, and we certainly aren’t here to TAKE your jobs. We are here to learn and make a living for ourselves.

*Disclaimer (because these are the things you have to do when you have a large audience): My blog post is meant to defend the hardworking, just-trying-to-make-it Millennials. Of course, there are exceptions and not every individual is the same. But my post is to describe the Millennial audience IN A GENERAL SENSE. Please disregard if you happen to know a Gen Yer who is pompous or overbearing.

Well, duh. We’re tired of being broke. Money will forever be a good incentive for hard work. We need a stable job that’s going to help us supply for ourselves and for our kids (for those who have them already).

And while we’re on the topic, who created the rule that it’s “bad etiquette” to ask about compensation on an interview? I mean, we all know the bottom line. We aren’t working for free.

Yes, we are young and yes, we have the least amount of experience in the office. But treating us like we’re inferior is not how you are going to get the best work out of us. Studies have shown that a hostile work environment leads to decrease in employee productivity. Click here to learn more about workplace bullies and how to remove bullying from your organization. Which brings me to my next point…

We want to feel like part of the team. And we want our opinions to be heard. As Millennials, we are known as being creative and innovative. So let us put these skills to good use. Give us the chance to add value to the business.

A drinking mug that reads,
Would owning one of these make me “selfish” and “entitled”?

No, we aren’t going to get everything right the first time. But employers should be well aware of our credentials BEFORE we start the job. So help us from time to time. Stay knowledgeable. And my goodness, answer our questions without having a snarky attitude about it.

We want the chance to grow and advance in our careers. If we don’t see potential, we’re out. We want to eventually be entrusted with bigger projects, and we want to see improvement in our work. According to Business Insider, nearly two-thirds of Millennials plan to leave their current jobs by 2020 because of insufficient opportunities to develop their leadership skills. About a quarter of them plan to leave within the next year. But what good is it to stay at a job where there’s no chance of promotion or increase?

So you see, Millennials don’t want anything more than your average 9-5 worker. Managers who are effective leaders understand the importance of building up their employees. While it is necessary to guide and instruct your team, it is also necessary to mentor and encourage them, as well. That way, you can maintain a positive work environment and decrease turnover at your organization.

So let’s stop with the patronizing attitudes and the rude comments (on BOTH sides), and let’s all work together to bring our workforce to the next level. If you have anything to add or any questions you’d like answered, please post them in the comment section below. I would love to get your perspective!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “What Millennials want in a new job

  1. Awesome post. I agree and we should stop with the labeling…it doesn’t matter which generation we are from…after all…we are all part of one race…the human race. Cheers! Let’s celebrate that instead! 😉

    1. Rey, thank you so much for your input! I agree that regardless of our generational status, we all deserve respect and appreciation!

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