5 ways to show your colleagues you appreciate them

With Thanksgiving tomorrow, I thought I’d share a few quick ways you could let your team know that you appreciate all the work they do. Since Thanksgiving is tomorrow, I’ll keep this post short so you can get home and get prepared for your feast!

"happy thanksgiving"

  1. A simple conversation will do. When in doubt, simply telling your colleagues how much you appreciate them is always the right way to go. Whether it’s through email, telephone or in person, just hearing a quick “thank you” can have a tremendous impact on employee morale.
  2. Put it in a card. If you’re not the mushy type or have a hard time expressing yourself to others, just get a thank-you card and sign your name in it. Trust me, if you’re really as introverted as you think you are, then chances are, your colleagues know it, too. Thank-you cards coming from you will mean THE WORLD to them.
  3. Highlight their accomplishments at the next department meeting. This is something we do at my current job, and I love it! Not only does it give employees their moment to shine, but it also shows that our hard work does not go unnoticed. Who wouldn’t want to hear about how good his/her work is?
  4. Be understanding. Don’t treat your colleagues as if they’re robots without feelings. We don’t live in a black and white world, so don’t treat the office as such. Things happen. People get emotional. Life is unpredictable. Especially with the holidays coming up. Make the best choices you can, but don’t forget to consider your colleagues in those decisions, as well.
  5. Defend them when necessary. There’s nothing I love more than when colleagues stand up for one another. It doesn’t have to be in a rude way, but just knowing that my colleagues have my back is such a great feeling. If you haven’t been defending your colleagues, then maybe now is the time to start.

Be thankful for the colleagues you have at work. Whether they’re good or bad at their jobs, they all teach us lessons. And those lessons are something to be grateful for.

Always remember:

“It’s not happy people who are thankful; it’s thankful people who are happy.”

Do you have any fun Thanksgiving plans? After dinner, I’ll be hosting a game night at my family’s house! Post your plans and other thoughts in the comment section below!

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