5 simple ways PR students can stay ahead in college

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You ever wondered why so many of your friends are getting awesome internships, and you’re stuck at the same pizza parlor since high school? Bummer, right? Well, I’ve compiled a list of five easy ways to stay on top of your college career and stay on top of your future!

#1. You can’t get any work done with a bad hangover.

In college, it’s easy to get your priorities a little mixed up. As PR students, we’re known for being friendly, and we definitely like to party it up sometimes. If you have an exam and two research papers due, use your better judgment and stay home for the weekend. Work hard first, and play hard later. Chances are, those tequila shots won’t help you on your next current events quiz.

#2. Stay well connected.

You are who you associate around. When meeting someone for the first time, assess what their goals and ambitions are. If they line up with yours, feel free to exchange business cards or connect with them online. Networking with professionals and other like-minded individuals will always keep you on top. Always remember: it’s not about what you know; it’s about who you know.

#3. Community service does the body good.

Volunteering is another way to connect and help others. Find a nearby nonprofit or shelter you’re passionate about and start there. Even if it’s only an hour a week, get your name out there and give back to the community. People always respect humility.

#4. Read. A lot.

People learn the most when they start reading. Whether it be the local newspaper or an encyclopedia on the history of dogs, you can start anywhere. You never know what might spark a new idea or potential PR campaign!

#5. Be ready for opportunities.

Be confident in your abilities. If someone offers you an internship, take it! You always know more than you think you know. And whatever else you don’t know can be learned on the way. Never be afraid to ask questions and always keep an open mind.

As a college student myself, I’ve used these guidelines as the framework for my life. I believe if you apply these tips in your life, then you won’t have to worry about ringing up extra pepperoni on your next order.

Thanks for reading and welcome back to school, everyone!

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