5 MORE reasons why having a job/career is so important


In December 2016, I wrote a post called, “6 reasons why having a job/career is so important“. Since then, I’ve learned a lot more about the benefits that a job can provide to you — both professionally and personally.

I decided to update this post because I’m a firm believer in making the best out of any situation. Even the job you currently hate. If you’re struggling with your current position, take a look at my first post and keep reading this post to help you reevaluate why your job is so important.

So I’ll ask again: What exactly does your job/career do for you?

A job keeps you busy.

As much as we don’t want to admit it, humans thrive when they have more work to do than not. Research shows that people with busier schedules have better brain-processing speed, improved working and episodic memory, sharper reasoning and a wider vocabulary. If you work full time, you spend 160 hours per month using brain power, and that doesn’t include anything productive you do in your free time. I don’t know about you, but I don’t mind being a busy bee if it’s going to keep my brain sharp for years to come.

A job builds your backbone.

I’ve been learning this a lot lately. When I first entered the workforce, I was very shy and very submissive. I had already heard all the stereotypes about millennials being entitled and stubborn, so I didn’t want to make that impression on my colleagues. Instead, I sat back and soaked in everything they had to teach me. And I still do that. But now I have a voice. After dealing with so many failed projects and rude attitudes, I’m no longer scared to speak up for myself. If speaking up means the task is going to get completed more efficiently or we’re going to save money on a certain event, then I’m doing it! There’s nothing wrong with sharing your opinions. They may not always rule the day, but at least your colleagues will know where you stand.

A job teaches you valuable people skills.

I’ve learned so many psychological tactics just dealing with people at work, that you would think I earned a psychology degree. Honestly, I find interpersonal interaction to be fun! Each time you meet a new person, you have to determine what his/her needs are, how he/she perceives the world, what makes him/her tick, what makes him/her happy…it’s almost like a game. The first person to figure out the new person wins! I read an article on Forbes about how to sharpen your people skills and build relationships. It was a pretty good read. Check it out here!

A job gives you a reason to take a vacation (not that you need many reasons).

Do you want to know one of the reasons why I enjoy my vacation time so much? Because I’m so worn out from my job. There’s no better feeling than finally being able to rest after a long period of overtime and weekend projects at work. Can we make these mimosas a little stronger, please?

A job provides you with a better sense of self.

I sort of touched on this in the last post, but working in the professional world has definitely helped me find myself. I’m still learning things, like what bothers me, what motivates me and what activities I excel in. And the best part is that I’m loving myself while I learn. I’m becoming more confident in myself as the days pass. That personal confidence I’ve built has helped me see that I’m way capable of more, and I will always want more.

Your career is important because it takes up such a big part of your life. If you’re not happy at your job, then chances are you aren’t happy with much else either. If you can take the time to determine what lessons you can learn now so that you’ll be better equipped for later, you’ll soon start to realize that no job is a waste of time. What has your job/career taught you so far? Why is your job important to you? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Happy learning!

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2 thoughts on “5 MORE reasons why having a job/career is so important

  1. Nice piece of writing. I seize this opportunity to share my experience to you.
    I have worked in an organization where I have started as Documentation Officer and over the years have started taking other responsibilities and finally I ended up being a key person involved in communication, PR including event planning and coordination. My job provided me with so much satisfaction that I scarcely cared for additional remuneration. As you mentioned in your article your job takes a big part of your life…that’s pretty sure.

    After 20 years, the organization has been closed and I have been transferred to a new place where a post which has nothing to do with my qualifications and experience has been offered to me…believe this has been the most devastating experience in my life. You suddenly find your life without sense and you gradually start to stop believing in yourself.

    Out of sheer experience I can relate that when your career gets disturbed, your life gets upside down. The psychological impact adversely affect your health and social life.

    1. You are definitely right! And I am so sorry you are going through this! If possible, try updating your resume and finding a new job that is more aligned with your interests. Don’t stop until you get what you want! Best of luck to you!

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