4 Bittersweet Reasons Why PR Professionals Create Their Own Stress


As an aspiring public relations professional, I know it’s important that we have certain skills to be successful in our career field. From multitasking to crisis management, PR professionals have to be ready for anything. But are these qualities rolling over into your personal life? Are your anxieties taking a toll on your health? Maybe these tips will help you tone it down a bit.

We plan for everything.

In any type of communications department, professionals must plan for various, mostly hypothetical, situations. This type of strategic planning helps communicators maintain a favorable image for their organizations.

But do you find yourself printing out event calendars for your family vacations? Don’t worry, it’s totally normal…NOT. While it’s fine to make plans, it is impossible to plan for everything. Planning every little move for your family and friends gets annoying quickly. Try to leave room for spontaneity. On your next vacation, perhaps you can go with the flow this time. You’ll notice your life getting just a bit more exciting.

We try to befriend everyone.

PR specialists think about others before they think of themselves. From the minute you take your first PR college course, you are told that you must make everyone else happy… your supervisors, clients, target audiences, donors, sponsors, board members and so many more.

BUT not everyone you meet is going to like you. Billy’s mom at the PTA meeting may not like you because of the way you wear your hair. That’s no reason to stress yourself baking cookies for your son’s entire class. Next time you get the feeling that someone doesn’t like you, remember that the type of person you are is not based on what others say or think about you.

We’re always trying to solve problems.

It’s important that professionals in PR have excellent analytical skills. Critical thinking is a must. We have to know solutions before the problems even exist. We’re great at giving advice, and all of our peers come to us for counsel.

However, you can’t allow everyone to dump their problems on you. I know it’s hard to explain to that one friend who has all the relationship problems, but at some point, you’re going to have to cut things short. It’s enough dealing with your own problems, and everyone else’s too! Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed from being everyone’s punching bag, try taking some time for yourself. Read a book. Drink some tea.

We try to do everything at once.

Professionally speaking, multitasking is GOLD. Anyone who can type, file and phone-pitch at the same time is set for life. In our supervisor’s eyes, multitasking is easily seen as “being productive.”

Nevertheless, have you ever burnt your family’s dinner because you were washing clothes and cleaning the kitchen at the same time? Let’s be honest. We have amazing psychological abilities, but we aren’t superhuman. Don’t be afraid to ask for help sometimes. A little rest never hurt anybody.


At times, I will admit that stress is a good thing. It keeps you alert and focused on what you need to do. But too much stress is never a good thing. I hope you will remember these tips as you move further into your career. Best of luck!

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