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Normally I’d start off this type of post with something like, “Hey, guys! It’s been a while! What’s up?” or “Long time, no talk! Glad to be back!” But after spending so much time learning who I am, and especially after the year we’ve all had, it doesn’t seem fitting to start that way.

Let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room: the pandemic has changed how a lot of us see the world. The amount of loss we’ve all experienced has been traumatic and flat out detrimental to the normal lives we once knew. Nothing can take back what we’ve endured for the past several months.

But out of pain can come some of the most life-changing lessons. The pandemic made us slow down, brainstorm, think through our lives, pick up new hustles, appreciate the little things and so much more. I’ve undergone so many changes since the last time I blogged on here: I’m engaged, I’ve moved, I’m working from home, I got vaccinated, and I even had a surgical procedure that may result in legal action (crazy, right?).

My life has completely changed, and I am a completely different person than I was when I started this blog. My views on life, my career and corporate are very different than they were several years ago. I’m older, a bit wiser, and most importantly, I’ve experienced so much that has altered my perspective forever.

This is why Youngfully Employed will be changing. If you look at my older posts, you’ll notice that I blogged a lot about mastering/thriving in the corporate world. Well, that just isn’t who I am anymore. Instead, I’m focused on OVERCOMING and PREVAILING over the corporate system (more like getting out of corporate and staying out). When I daydream about my dream life, I don’t imagine a 9-5 job hogging all my time and freedom. I don’t imagine myself working for anyone at all! And THAT is the goal I’m striving for. THAT is what I work towards everyday. I’m in the process of reprioritizing my life and living my dreams to the fullest!

What does this really mean for Youngfully Employed? Well, I’ll be relatively blogging about the same topics but this time with a different tone — a tone that matches who I currently am and my desire to make my life my own. I’m hoping you all will continue to join me during this transition, and even more, I hope my future posts will inspire you all to take control of your lives and go after the things that make you the happiest. Let’s do this together!

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Hello! My name is Tammie and formally, I’m a graduate from the University of North Texas with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations, a minor in Spanish and a certificate in technical writing. Informally, I’m an energetic 29-year-old who enjoys to write, give professional advice and explore my creative side.

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